Certified Labor Doula

Graduated from the Australian Doula College in 2009

What Birth Choices do I have

You can deliver where you want, home, hospital or birthing centre

From where to where

I service a large territory from Southern Sydney to the Shoalhaven

My Philosophy

No woman should ever birth alone and all women are entitled to the most positive birthing experience available to them.


I am a mum and have three children who all birthed differently.

1st Caesarean. 2nd VBAC 3rd Natural birth. Whether this pregnancy is your first or your next, you can be guaranteed, no two births are the same and all women birth differently. Knowing this, you and I together build the birth wish list that's right for you.

My job is a beautiful one.

To put it simply I mother the mother (that's you). I'm there to encourage and support you using my professionally trained skills to help you achieve the most positive outcome I can.


It has to be said, I do not deliver babies. That's the responsibility of your chosen midwife or obstetrician if you choose to have one.

My goal is to tie together the whole team including partners, parents or anyone you've chosen to support you.


I use my knowledge to inform you of all birthing options available.

This in turn allows you to make educated decisions knowing all the options and alternatives.


I also use special techniques which include physical movement, breathing and even naturopathic aids where necessary,

just to name a few.

“I would recommend Corinne as a Doula to anyone. She was a powerful and essential component in two of the most important, transforming days of my life.” Donna J.
“Thanks to Corinne's committment, love, encouragement and skills, I had a truly amazing birth. She removed my fears and gave me a strength that only a mother knows”. Linda R.

Tel: 0433327029  

Email corinne@angelicbirths.com.au

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Corinne Harris

Birth Doula

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